Blackmart Alpha is the greatest app for Android users to try. This is one of the best alternatives to Google play store. When you want an app that can be used instead of Google play store, download Blackmart Alpha on to your device. Most Android users depend on Google Play Store to get any app they want. But most apps from Google play store are not free to use. This is where you can take advantage of Blackmart Alpha.

Download any app you want from here without paying a single penny. The best thing about this app is that you can download any paid games or apps from it without any registration. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets with an Android operating system. There are many versions of this app available. You can check all available versions and choose the one that is compatible with your device.

As this is a free app that gives you access to unlimited apps and games there will be advertisements and pop-ups associated with it. You don’t have to use a rooted device to make it operate. It will work well with unrooted device also. You can find Blackmart APK file to download. This app has got popularity among users because of its large app database. You can find almost all apps to download from here without any registration or sign-ups.

Blackmart Alpha: how it Functions

Blackmart Alpha is available to download from its official site. You can also use this app on your PC as well as IOS devices for downloading any premium Android apps you want without any interruptions. Get any games or apps you want for free from Blackmart app without signing into any account. It has been designed with a simple users Interface. All you have to do is to search any app you want on the search tab and download it directly to your device memory.

Blackmart is the best choice for game lovers. When you search games on Play store you can see that most of them are premium games. But if you can download this app you will get any game you want for free. If you have a good internet connection, there is no limit to use this app. Download unlimited apps and try them without any interruptions. This is also available in different languages too. All these features make the app easy to access by worldwide users.

Blackmart app works well with rooted as well as the non-rooted device. The developers implement new changes to the app frequently. So, you can check back their official site and download the latest version while using. All apps are categorized, and it will be easy to choose anyone from a particular category. Download process from Blackmart is also very fast compared to that from Google play store.

Even though it is not a legal app many users find the app very interesting. The main reason is the variety of app choice and better UI. There are many black-market apps available to use instead of Google play store. Blackmart Alpha is the top app on this list. Get all premium apps for free by downloading Blackmart Alpha app on your device. It is also compatible with almost all operating systems and devices. We cannot trust all the apps from this source. So, while downloading pick your apps carefully. Your device will be under threat anytime you click on a malicious app.

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Blackmart Alpha – How to Download

You cannot find this app on Google play store because of some legal issues. So, the best way to get this app is to download Blackmart APK version. There are many sources from which you can download this app or else go to its official site and download from there. Click on the link given below to download the latest version of Blackmart APK.

Download Blackmart APK

Installation process of Blackmart Alpha

To Install this app on to your Android device first you need to enable downloading from external sources. As I said earlier this app is not available to download from Google play store. So, to enable downloading from unknown sources you can go to Settings>Lock screen and security>unknown sources. Enable by toggling the button towards the right.

For Security reason, our phone is set to block installation of apps from unknown sources.

blackmart alpha apk download


First of all, Go to the Settings on your Mobile device.

blackmart setting


In privacy or under Apps & notification you can find this “Unknown sources”, This allows installation of apps from anonymous sources.


unknown source app setting



Now, you can download Blackmart Alpha onto your Android device. Go to downloads and open the app. Then tap on the Install button. Wait until the whole process complete and then open the app.   

permission setting into browser

app installation

 Blackmart App View:

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App details

App name Blackmart Alpha.APK
File size 5.02 MB
Latest version V1.1.4
Last updated February 1, 2018
Android version Android 2.3 and above

Technical Prescription of Blackmart Alpha

We can say that Blackmart app is a safe market source to almost all apps. No need to worry about your device security while using this if you can pick apps carefully. Because of this feature, many Android users trust Blackmart to download any app they want. The app is perfect to use all over world because of its multilingual feature. Check out some best features of blackmart app

Cool UI-: This is what everyone looks in an app. Ease of use is very important for an app and Blackmart Alpha comes with a simple user interface. Users can easily find any app they want. You can also search apps based on the category which will be easier than finding by names.

Multi-lingual property-: This app is designed to be useful for each and every one all over the world. So, they tried to bring various language options here. Blackmart app is available in various languages like Spanish, Turkish, Italian, German, English etc to give users a global experience.

Free to use-: Unlike Google play store you don’t have to pay for premium apps here. Get access to an unlimited number of apps and games through Blackmart Alpha without any registration or payments. This is a black market where you can get any app you want for free. No trial or test run. Just download the app you want and use it.

Quick downloads-: To provide better user experience Blackmart is designed to make every download faster and easier. If you are downloading apps by accessing internet you can see the amazing speed of download process.

Bug fixes-: Developers are trying to get rid of any problem associated with each version by releasing a new version with advanced features and bug fixes. As the app became popular they make sure to update its features more frequently.

Updates database-: To get the popularity among Android users they need to update their app database. When it comes to Blackmart app they update their app database and try to bring new apps more frequently.

These are some best features of this app. Browse any apps by category or department and download them easily.  They update apps and try to bring almost all app you find in Google play store.

Working activities of Blackmart Alpha with Android Units

While using this marketplace to download any apps you must know the after effects of it also. We cannot say that Blackmart is a completely safe platform you can use to download apps. Some dangers also can happen when you use it. Just like two sides of a coin, there are advantages and disadvantages while using this app. You must know both before using Blackmart app on your device. Here are some working activities of this app

  1. First, you need to set up the software package associated with Blackmart Alpha
  2. You can now connect your Android system with the black market where many app users share good apps, APK files and other data files
  3. Shared files mean it is open to public download. If you found any such shared files you can take this chance to download the app using Blackmart Alpha.
  4. You can Install the app onto your Android device directly or via PC. Download the app to your PC and transfer it to your mobile device using a data cable.
  5. We can say that it is not safe to use on your device. The main reason is that there will be malicious ads associated with free apps. Check whether it is safe or not before downloading. Careless usage of this app may harm your device
  6. Blackmart contains so many dangerous apps and programs that can defect your device. When some people genuinely want to help others by sharing useful premium apps there are other groups who inject them with dangerous programs to destruct your device.
  7. If you want to stay away from danger it is better not to use any illegal apps like Blackmart.
  8. There is no problem in using this app if you can use it properly

So, now we can conclude this part by explaining the key features of Blackmart alpha.

Key features of Blackmart Alpha

We can say that there are so many features and these features make it as a perfect alternative market to Google play store

  • Download unlimited apps for free
  • New look and features compared to other black-market apps.
  • The app is very light and won’t consume much space
  • Work well with almost all Android operating system
  • A simple design which makes users easy to operate
  • Check for the free version of any app you want before spending money for it

But before downloading be careful not to harm your device. By getting a free app you may save some dollars. But sometimes all apps won’t be genuine. It can harm your device and may cause a huge loss. So be careful while using black market to download an app.

Blackmart Alpha APK for PC/ Windows Free

  Blackmart app is also available to use for Windows/PC. This is a free version too. Sometimes when we use PC we cannot play some games or use apps that are available for Android phones. But now we can get this using latest technologies and apps. Most useful innovations that helped us to download any apps that are exclusive for Android device are known as Android emulators. They can make any Android apps run on Windows.

Blackmart app for Windows/PC is a free app that lets you download any app you want without registration or payment. This will also work well with almost all windows versions like Windows 7/8/8.1/9/10 etc. Like any other alternative market app, Blackmart Alpha also updates their apps frequently. They try to bring every new app in the market and give them to you for free. So, are you ready to enjoy this unlimited free app market? Take your PC and download Blackmart Alpha. Here also you need to download APK version of the app from external sources.

Blackmart Alpha APK – Highlights

  • We can call it an exceptionally designed app because of its easiness to use. Even though you don’t have any technical knowledge you can use this app easily without any complications.
  • The app is completely free. No need to pay a single penny in order to use it. You can find most of the premium apps that are available on Google play store here for free.
  • All applications are well arranged and categorized to make users easy to find. If you are searching for apps from a particular category click on that category and search for the app you are looking for
  • Download any apps in just two steps. You don’t have to go through complex installation procedure when you download the app from here. Just find out the app download it and install the app onto your device
  • Get apps fast without delay. This is a wonderful feature from Blackmart app. You can download any app fast with a good internet connection.
  • Better response is another highlight of this app. Some marketplaces may take more time to show list of every app they have. But Blackmart is such an app which comes with a better loading time. It won’t make users wait to complete the loading. After opening the app, you can see all available list there itself
  • They are very good at updating their database with new and upcoming apps. When you see any new app in Google play store you can also find it from Blackmart.
  • Blackmart app also gives you suggestions when you search for any app. It will show list of similar apps to the type of app you are searching for. This can help you to guide through the download and app selection process easily
  • Know the response of users by clicking on the app. There will be comments and rating from users for each and every apps. If you cannot find any such thing stay away from the app because it could be malicious
  • There is no limitation of use. Anyone can use this app because there is no language barrier or limit to use an app. Use any app you want without limit and enjoy the multilingual features.  There are many language choices such as English, Spanish, German, Italian and many more.

Process to Install Blackmart Alpha on your PC with Bluestacks

Now we know about all features and specialties Blackmart app. you can get it for your PC too. No need to look for other apps that are complicated and difficult to find what you want. When you can download this Blackmart Alpha on your PC all your app downloading will become easy.  No need to waste your time in searching apps you want on any other market place. Just open Blackmart app and enter your search term. Even it has the power to read your keyword and show all resulting app related to it.

Blackmart will work well with all windows versions. No errors or any interruptions reported by users of Blackmart. So, you can check your windows versions and make sure whether it matches with the given version in the list. It will work with Windows 7/8/8.1/9/10.  Users with any of the above version can download the latest version of the app v1.1.4 on to their PC and get unlimited access to premium games and apps.

Before starting download, process make sure to download an Android emulator. It will act as a virtual Android device and help to run or test any Android application on PC. There are so many Android emulators available. But most people prefer Bluestacks as suitable. After downloading Bluestacks, Install it onto your device. It will take some time to complete the whole process. You can wait until installation completes. Now follow the steps given below

  • Download Blackmart APK from here. When you click on the link you need to save the app first by giving a name
  • You can now find the app in your system downloads.
  • Right click on the app and open with Bluestacks Android emulator
  • Now the application will start to install on your device.
  • This is a bit longer process. Wait until the installation process completes and now you can open the app and search for the app you want to download


FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions About Blackmart Alpha)

1.)Will Blackmarket app run on rooted Android phone?

Yes, Blackmarket app will run on rooted device also. Usually, there is no need to root your device in order to download this app. while using this app make sure you updated your device OS to the latest version. We can say that this app will work well on rooted as well as unrooted device without troubles.

2.)Are there any Blackmart alternative apps and what are those Similar apps? 

There are many such apps like Blackmart Alpha. All of them are almost similar and offers same features as Blackmart app. Here are top 5 apps you can use instead of Blackmart app

  1. MoboMarket-: This is a popular app from which you can download thousands of free apps. You can access this app in any language you want. Store any app you want and save it in your device
  2. Moborobo-: This is a marketplace for PC and you can download any app you want for free. After downloading it on your PC you can also transfer it to your mobile device
  3. Aptoid-: This is another alternative to Blackmart Alpha. Look wise this app resembles Google play store and that makes it very popular. Download any app you want and share it with your friends also.
  4. App brain-: App brain is a place where you will get more than 3000 free apps to download. Download unlimited apps for free and enjoy other features that they offer you.
  5. Slideme-: Slideme offers you more than 5000 apps for free. Some of them are not even available to find on Google play store. Try some new apps from Slideme and enjoy better service than Google play store can offer.

3.)Is Blackmart Alpha illegal or legal?

We cannot say that Blackmart is legal. This is an illegal app that you can use to get any apps for free. No need for registration or any sign ups to use this app. We cannot trust everything that offers for free. When Google play store include any app some of them are free and some others are paid apps. Many users don’t want to spend money on purchasing apps. Then they will look for another alternative black market where they can get apps for free. When Blackmart offers an app for free they will include Ads and pop-ups with it. We cannot say that they are safe. Some of advertisements and pop-ups could be contaminated with malware that can harm your device hardware. Google won’t bother you with such contents. So, it is always better to use a legal marketplace to download any apps than illegal and unsecure apps

4.) The Danger of Android Malware from the Black-Market App Stores

     There are many dangers associated with Black market app stores. When you download free apps from anywhere there will be contaminated advertisements or pop-ups in it. When you click on it this can damage your device security also. We cannot say that Google play store is 100% safe. There are free apps contaminated with infected contents. So, we can say that just like Black Market app stores there are dangers associated with Google play store. You can protect your device from contamination of malware with using paid apps or handling any contaminated apps carefully. Also protect your device with a better antivirus software which can help to protect from most of the attacks.

5.)Is it Legitimate to download Apps from Black mart?

We cannot say that all apps from Black market are genuine. There will be some malicious content when they offer some premium apps for free. When someone uses black market to get any premium apps the risks are inevitable. All you can do is to use it very carefully and be ready to take a risk. All apps are not contaminated, only some of them are dangerous and while you use make sure you know all dangers associated with it while using.

6.) Is blackmart ad free? Is there any pro version to black mart?

Blackmart is a free market place you can use instead of Google play store. This is a place that offers premium apps for free. When they offer something for free they make money by adding advertisements and pop-ups to it. When someone wants to insert any malicious content into an app they will add them to these ads and pop-ups. When users click on it their device get infected.  Blackmart app gets its income from those advertisements. There is not a Pro version of this app as of now. We can expect such a feature from blackmart app developers shortly.

7.)What are the permissions required for black mart to work?

Users are experiencing various kind of issues while installing this app. if your phone is not rooted sometimes the app may not work. Another thing is to make the software up to date before using this app. Here are some important permissions required to make this app work

  • Full network access to customize network protocols and create network socket
  • Approximate location
  • Precise location to know your exact location using GPS
  • Retrieve running apps to know all about the apps used on your device
  • Give access to control vibration on your device
  • Give permission to find every account on the device
  • Allow receiving messages from cloud to device by accessing power to receive data on the internet.

8.)Is Blackmart free of cost?

Yes, Blackmart is completely free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to download any apps from here. No hidden fee or charges to get any apps and you can use it without creating an account also.

9.)What is the latest version of the black mart app?

Latest version of Blackmart Alpha is v1.1.4. They uploaded this version on April 22, 2018. When you download this app make sure to get the latest version of the app to get all new features

10.)Direct Blackmart app download website?

You can download the latest version of Blackmart app directly from this link.                        https://www.blackmart.us/blackmart_apk.apk

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